Supplier, importer of organic raw materials for the food industry, oil mills and specialty chemicals

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The supply chain

Agricultural raw materials tracked from field to customer

Our products are mainly used in the food industry, oil mills and the speciality chemicals sector.

Guaranteeing secure sales to these customers involves monitoring every stage in the value chain, from the seed or tree through to delivery, via upstream agriculture and processing.


Flawless traceability

Guaranteeing flawless traceability throughout the value creation chain is therefore imperative, in terms of both physical flows and information flows, including risk management.

This implies:

  • Painstakingly selecting our raw materials (variety, itinerary, storage centre),
  • Monitoring of inspection, quality and product analysis by an independent organisation (e.g. SGS)
  • Monitoring the technological and safety characteristics of each batch produced,
  • Carrying out sampling before all shipments,
  • Samples are sent by express delivery to the laboratory selected by the customer, which carries out analyses and approves the samples before the cargo leaves
  • Samples are also retained for potential future use and checks.


As a result, each product is secured and includes details of the producer, product description, batch number, gross weight, net weight, manufacturing date, certificates of origin and port of origin.

Locations & production facilities

Locations : Paris, Hambourg, Rotterdam

Production facilities : Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopie, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pérou