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Shea Butter

The sacred tree

Shea butter or plant butter is an edible substance that is extracted from the nut of the shea tree. This wild tree can only be found in its natural state in Africa, in the Sudan and Sahel, north of the Equator; its name means “Life” in the Mandingo language. Thanks to its unique positioning, IRIS Agribusiness has entered into production agreements with a women’s consortium in Burkina Faso for organic shea butters.


Unique, ancestral know-how

For generations, African women have had unique, sacred know-how that means they can extract shea butter naturally while preserving its richness and vital energy.

Type of packaging

Minimum order: 1 container 


Plastic drums
30 to 180 liters


Plastic drum
220 liters


1 ton

Locations & production facilities

Locations : Paris, Hambourg, Rotterdam

Production facilities : Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopie, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pérou