Supplier, importer of organic raw materials for the food industry, oil mills and specialty chemicals

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Protecting the environment

Waste recovery

As part of its activities, IRIS Agribusiness applies the fundamental principle of the circular economy, which consists of transforming the waste some people want to get rid of, into a resource for others.

IRIS Agribusiness therefore markets oil cakes and residues derived from grinding up oil nuts and seeds.

These are used in animal feed as a source of proteins or fodder, and not only provide additional income for producer groups but contribute to improving the environmental footprint of their activities.



Reducing water consumption

IRIS Agribusiness and its partners are committed to measures to minimise the environmental impact on water during the cultivation and processing stages. This approach takes into account the diverse range of hydrological and geo-climatic contexts in the supply chain.

The majority of seeds and nuts we process come from non-irrigated crops. Some oil plants – such as shea and baobab – play an essential role in the ecological balance of arid zones in the Sahel.


Locations & production facilities

Locations : Paris, Hambourg, Rotterdam

Production facilities : Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopie, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pérou